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The new product every motorhome and caravan owner must have

Solbio Taboola.jpg

There's nothing quite like venturing out in your motorhome or caravan to experience the British countryside. A chance to experience nature and new places.

However there is one aspect of camping that nobody wants to talk about - toilets. If fact, in a recent survey of motorhome owners, 67% said it was the least favourite aspect of their motorhome experience. The most common issues identified were:

  • The chemical smell of the toilet is off-putting

  • The environmental impact of using harmful toilet chemicals

  • The danger to children and pets from toilet chemicals

  • Spilling toilet chemicals which stain skin and clothes


Fortunately a Belgian company has created a solution called Solbio that solves all of these problems.


Solbio is the world's first toilet fluid made exclusively from natural products. With fragrances of mint and eucalyptus it's a far cry from the harsh smell of traditional toilet chemicals. Solbio doesn't need enzymes or biological agents which means it can be used in septic tanks and doesn't damage the environment.

It's great value for money too. 1.6 litres of Solbio is equal to 4 litres of traditional toilet fluid. Just one pack of Solbio will give you 40 doses - far more than Elsan or Thetford chemicals.


Solbio is now the fastest selling camping toilet fluid in Europe with 50,000 units sold in Germany alone last year. The good news for us Brits is that for the first time Solbio is now available in the UK.

You can buy Solbio exclusively online and be one of the first people in the UK to join the green revolution.

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